SS 2018


Paris Haute Couture SS 2018, Chanel

A collection full of energy and creativity that spring/summer 2018 that Karl Lagerfeld presented in Paris during the last week of Haute Couture. As always the expectings  was as big as the expectations: King Karl, you know, he's a genius, but it doesn't have to be anything easy to succeed every time to surprise the audience, playing, as everyone is waiting for, in perfect harmony between tradition and experimentation, past and future, but without any quotations, if not about classical tweed and some suits very Coco style.

The result of such a creative effort is the advent on the catwalk and, soon, we look forward to the stage of the world, a creature that is not synthesizing anything that has already been said in the past by the maison, but she is almost an oracle ready to show us a new way to feel haute & hot, females & femme. Beautiful shades choices for lavish coats with three quarter sleeves and suit characterized as always by impeccably tailored jackets fulfilled. Overhead sensual veils and in her eyes a look that sees far, supported by a completely new awareness to embody totally new ideal of femininity.

Yes, finally in the name of true spirit of Gabrielle Chanel, a woman with a very clear vision on the role that the woman should have in the world.


Inspiration: Vision of new women
Lenght: mini, midi, long
Size: skinny to embrace and enhance female body; comfy outwear
Colors: white, black, liliac, grey, pink, beige
Fabrics: crepe, organza, silk, satin, tweed

FW 2017-18


Haute Couture Paris FW 2017-18, Chanel 

Triumph of tweed, design and volumes in the last amazing haute couture fall/winter 2017-18 collection by Chanel, signed by Karl Lagerfeld. Egg shapes for coats and waisted jacket combined with wrapping skirts realized in pure silk and long to ankle, so light and coloured. More skinny and rigorous lines for A-line dresses and mini coats with puffed sleeves from which began another sleeve, long and simple.

Sometimes the tweed, presented in many different nuances, has played down such as fabric house's cult overlapping with so many circles multicolor silk on pockets or neck. Iconic and ironic.

Absolutely delicious dresses with flounce skirts, long until the ankle and with wide volumes, so light and fresh, that follow the movements of the feminine silhouette in this collection in which the heritage of the parisian maison is revisited with renewed enthusiasm by Karl Lagerfeld who beats the dealer playing all his Aces in a match with press and customers which is always difficult to play because the name Chanel is a real institution in the world, a sacred name in the fashion world and and every collection touches outdo, adding to this fairy tale started in the 1920s by Gabrielle Chanel always a sentence in addition, unique and original, that allow this story continues to capture the attention of the people.

And Lagerfeld once again wins this challenge with a sumptuous and refined collection enhanced, in the grand final, by a series of sensational evening dresses, rich of embroidery, transparencies and overlays, that surely we will see worn by the coolest divas in the world's most prestigious red carpet and events.


Mood: Tweed forever
Lenght: mini, midi, ankle, long also with train
Breadth: skinny for A-line dresses, minicoats and waisted jackets; eggshape for sleeves, long skirt and coats; maxi coats with wide and light volumes and evening dress, mostly with Empire style like the amazing wedding dress
Colors: grey, blue navy, black, brown, copper, purple, white
Fabrics: tweed, leather, feathers, fur, silk, satin, voile, tulle, wool

SS 2017


Haute Couture Paris SS 2017, Chanel

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening "rightly said Coco Chanel and her fashion house continues to take the pulse of reality, telling us through lovely dresses if not the world as it is, at least one seen through dark glasses of great Karl Lagerfeld that signs a resolutely modern haute couture spring/summer 2017 collection where tradition and experimentation overlap happily to the point that it could no longer say exactly where one ends and another begins. That's the future of high fashion: look for new ways, new forms of expression. In the mind remains fixed the memory of those memories, but it is clear that for Chanel is time to move away from them and, while bringing in the heart because they are part of the dna of the parisian maison, try to discover a "new America", cast off the mooring ropes and traveling.

And it's a journey into the present in which are already planted the seeds of the future what undertakes Chanel with its hyperbolic creations. Design is the key word of this collection playing with the architecture but, at the end, every creation is perfectly wearable, real for real women. Chanel's Haute Couture, just like used to say Mademoiselle Coco, must exist in the present and has to know tell. But what is the present? We understand the world the way we recover our memories, we reorder them into information and then turn them into stories to justify how we feel about what is happening to us and around us. And Karl Lagerfeld well knows that in one of the most eclectic and versatile collection admired so far but that, for the fact, says the present according to Chanel. It's up to us to be of agreement or not with this vision that has the advantage, as always, to be honest, analytical, deep and never superficial.


Mood: The modernity of the past and tradition
Lenght: mini, at the knees or long for evening time
Breadth: skinny coats and jackets tweed cinched at the waist by leather belts; minidress balloon shaked on the bottom; skinny and structured jackets combined with maxi skirt at the ankle
Colors: green, yellow, pink, pearl grey, liliac, white, kaki, black, ivory, deep blue
Fabrics: tweed, saton, silk, organza, tulle, leather, plumage, expermental fabrics

SS 2016


Haute Couture Paris SS 2016, Chanel

Karl Lagerfeld is still the center with the new haute couture collection S / S 2016 Chanel that has met with considerable critical acclaim. Tweed reigns over all, proposed in a wide range of colors and illuminated by applications, in the name of tradition Chanel that only one eye can see the past and must of tradition, preferring a frontal view of fashion that looks to the future courageously along new roads in taste and design. Elegant chemises alternate complete with blouses and pants Palazzo allure Seventy and almost bell bottom.

Proposals on several occasions on the catwalk by King Karl sleeves egg shape for minijacket with skirts ankle that reinvent the female form. In addition to white, beige, gray and neutral to lead, even in the proposed enveloping pouches that surround the life of the models, not without a touch of navy blue and memoires mariniere tres parisienne. Skirts alternated high-volume lines that smoothly glide around the silhouette, almost dancing with her every movement, while the blousons have big shoulders echoes Victorians. Really elegant hoods evening belts just below the breast by a maxi bow bon ton, in a pink powder that is unforgettable. For evening sinuous length skirts, satin, tight and sexy, combined with white blouses and black decor with games of transparency and overlays designed to effect. Do not miss the hook and a certain allure country for a haute couture collection that does seem minimal chic, but betray it, happily, the myriad of details that even a simple tank top can offer expert eye. Among the floral prints they predominate, but in the evening the real cult of the season are the long capes ton sur ton with bustier jumpsuit or Full-slim pants for a determined woman who feline walking elegantly with feline step, especially when wearing in the evenings important, clothes dall'appeal avantgarde and design haunting and seductive.

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